Our Path

SNR Energy Inc. proposes to create a solid-state battery. This is a battery that makes use of a solid-state electrolyte that does not have many of the drawbacks of liquid electrolytes. While solid-state batteries have been discussed in scientific literature in the past as a superior option to liquid electrolyte batteries, only recent developments in research have made them practically achievable. Solid-state electrolytes can be safely heated and cooled, so that a solid-state battery may be rapidly charged and discharged with no danger of the battery being damaged or exploding. Moreover, they may be used safely under more extreme temperatures. Because there is little danger of internal damage causing accidental discharge, the testing process is simplified and the needed safety features are inexpensive. Solid-state electrolytes are more compact and potentially lighter than comparable liquid electrolytes, which makes solid-state batteries have higher energy density. Because there is little danger in using the chemicals required for a solid-state electrolyte, it seems likely that there will be little issue in scaling up the battery size. In fact, many are of the opinion that solid-state batteries are infinitely scalable, although this claim requires more research. Perhaps the most impressive feature of solid-state batteries that there is little to no degradation of the solid-state electrolyte under normal charge/discharge cycles. This means that the useful lifetime of a solid-state battery will be massively extended, and likely exceed that of the device it is placed in.

It seems clear that solid-state batteries are the future of energy storage. SNR Energy was formed to be at the forefront of developing this new technology. Currently, SNR Energy is primarily focused on the development of a commercially suitable solid-state electrolyte for use in later phases of this project. The long term objective of this project is the development a battery composed only of solid materials that outperforms current market batteries in one or more of the following ways: higher energy density, practical size scaling, cheaper production costs, safer under unusual conditions, longer useful lifetime, and higher power delivery.

SNR Energy has already fabricated a functional proof-of-concept prototype battery. This demonstrates that the science behind this project is sound, and that the physical phenomena that make up the core of this project are real and waiting to be exploited. Although the prototype is not suitable for commercial use, SNR Energy has a clear research path toward a commercially viable product.